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Trust and Foundations Database

Visit the City Livery Company Network; the Trusts and Foundations Network and see who, with the right approach and application, may help fund your vision.

The table below is searchable and sortable – just click on any column to sort by that column, and click again to alternate between A-Z and Z-A.

Trust and FoundationWebsiteCharity Commission No. or Related Matters
Antony Hornby Charitable TrustAntony Hornby Charitable Trust
Ark TrustThe Ark Trust
Billmeir Charitable TrustThe Billmeir Charitable TrustWC of Shipwirghts Award Scheme
The Bulldog TrustThe Bulldog Trust Charity Commission 1123081
Buttle UKButtle UKState of Child poverty 2020 Report
Cameila Botnar FoundationCamelia BotnarCharity Commission 277275
Childwick Trusthttps://www.childwicktrust.orgCharity Commission 115 0413
Coutts Foundation Commission 5034363
David and Kathryn Harvey TrustCharity Commission 1166486
Emmott Foundation Commission 209033
Eleanor Hamilton Educationl TrustCharity Commission 309997
Esmee Fairburn Commission 200051
Garfield Weston Foundationhttps://garfieldweston.orgCharity Commission 230260
Gough Charitable SettlementCharity Commission 262355
The William Allen Young Charitable TrustCharity Commission 283102
Hale TrustCharity Commission 313214
Hobson Charity Commission 326839
John Swire Charitable Trust Commission 802142
The Swire Charitable Trust Commission 270726
John Newman’s CharityCharity Commission 313077
Joseph Strong Frazer Trust Commission 235311
The Privy Purse Charitable TrustCharity Commission 296079
Lennox Wyfold Commission 1080198
Linbury Trust Commission 287077
L Messel and Co TrustCharity Coimmission 287421
Marsh Christian Trusthttps://www.marshchristiantrust.orgCharity Commission 284470
The Robert McApline Foundation Commission 226646
Morrisons Foundation Morrisons Foundation
Ogden Trusthttps://www.ogdentrust.comCharity Commission 1037570
Overstall TrustCharity Commission 1082580
Princes Trust
Reedham Children’s Trust
The Rind FoundationCharity Commission 276311
The Robyn Charitable TrustCharity Commission 327745
Ross Russell TrustCharity Commission 1022570
Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys
Scouloudi FoundationCharity Commission 205658
Scholes TrustCharity Commission 267023
Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts
Sir Edward Lewis FoundationCharity Commission 264475
Sir Iain Stewart FoundationSCO13800
Southdown Trust Commission 235583
Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation Commission 1167491
Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund Commission 245430
Stevenson’s Family TrustCharity Commssion 327148
Thornton Smith Plevins Trust
Vernon Educational Trust Commission269433
lbrahim TrustCharity Commission 1176238
Wolfson Foundation Commission 1156077
Educational Trusts Forum
Fowler Smith and Jones Charitable Trust Commisiion 1132249
Dr RadcliffeTrusthttps://theradcliffetrust.orgCharity Commission 209212
Dulverton Trusthttps://www.dulverton.orgCharity Commission 1146484
Clothworkers Foundation Commission 274100
John Ellerman Foundation Commission 263207
Paul Hamlyn Foundation Commission 1102927