Our How

Our 3Ps Framework

Our 3 Ps delivery framework is easy for our clients to adopt and incentivises long-term engagement by both beneficiaries and investors.



Engaging employees, students, teachers and parents.

Encouraging innovation by bringing outstanding resources and unique experiences into the school environment



Supporting and rewarding the most deserving students and teachers.

Helping individuals maximise their potential + connect classroom learning with personal development and career opportunities



Building partnerships to embed knowledge & skills.

Enabling communities to scale their impact sustainably

The day has been amazing. To see the children inspired, not just by sport and tennis, but also from science, singing and opera – it’s been a real eye-opener for me.

Sandra Nardi

Lady Wimbledon

“Richard has supported pupils and families from Cyril Jackson Primary School for over a decade. His passion and drive for broadening the experiences of children from inner-city London schools has ensured that so many children have been afforded access to; exceptional sporting opportunities, engineering experiences, and for others, a fantastic education at Reed’s School (Surrey). The pupils and families who have attended Reed’s School, are forever indebted to the staff at the school for their support, kindness and guidance ensuring each and every admission was a success. Richard’s personal interest in the pupil’s education and broader family support network has been immeasurable”