Club Rome

Club Rome originates from my extensive career at Reed’s School in Cobham. Reed’s School was founded as an orphanage. My work there made me realise that I had the ability to transform the lives of those less fortunate than myself. Club Rome recognises this and is the focus of all my voluntary efforts beyond what I do for RMG Associates.

Club Rome informally seeks to:

Unite as a professional network and support members throughout their professional careers

Host occasional events each year

Create awareness of the philanthropic activities led by Rome

Celebrate our links with Reed's School Support the Club Rome Annual Christmas Campaign for foundationers at Reed’s School which is formally recognised by the School as the RG Scholarship Award

Events and News

Lunch and Launch 2023

December 1st 2023: Club Rome Christmas Lunch and Launch

Save The Date

December 6th 2024: Club Rome Christmas Lunch 2024