Richard Garrett Biography

Richard has had a distinguished career in education. Latterly he has focused on developing a unique approach to strategic community investment which grows the reputation, recruitment, resource and revenue of the the organisations involved.

”Our solutions create “advantage where there is currently disadvantage. Young people and communities facing adversity are rejuvenated.”

Business, Charity, Sports and Arts organisations must play their part but a “One Education Sector” concept lies at the heart of his philosophy and model.

Richard’s consultancy work extends from Inner London to Surrey, Kent, the Midlands and Yorkshire. 

Recent history and future of RMG Associates

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Our Associates

EO Consulting and Global Bay can help you utilise technology within your organisation. By utilising technology in the appropriate ways, our clients deliver on their community investment strategy to enhance an organisation’s 4 R’s.

Our systems will help deliver, manage and set targets for your community investment strategy associated with:

As a result your organisation will:

“Four days – that’s how long it took to change my attitudes towards self-reflection and personal development, as well as my views on what to be a leader really means.”

Primary School Teacher