The Tasso Foundation

Phoebe's Story and the creation of The Tasso Foundation

I was introduced to Phoebe in February 2022. As was the case for so many of us in those challenging lockdown days our introduction was virtual.

At that point all I knew was that Phoebe had lost her child under dreadful circumstances.

As Pheobe recounted to me the saddest of tales there was something striking about her positivity. Phoebe was clear that once she had comprehended what had happened she would create a lasting legacy for all the opportunities missed by Tasso. After several of our early conversations I unearthed this headline

Through all these challenging exchanges I knew I wanted to give  my time to support the development of the Tasso Foundation. Sharing and discussing the past enabled us gradually to build a picture of Tasso’s legacy through the Foundation.

In Tasso’s memory children will gain opportunities to develop themselves through the creative arts and performance; through science and sport.

I feel sure that all who read this page and all who meet Phoebe will feel the same sentiments as I felt and will want to support in whatever way they can.

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