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We specialise in delivering community investment strategy enabling our clients to directly engage with the education sector, changing the lives of students, teachers, and parents, who confront challenging circumstances.

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Our STEM outreach work with RMG Associates enabled us to fund and run hugely successful high-profile STEM events…The buzz around these events was beneficial to both our own pupils and those from other schools who attended; but also provided profile raising marketing and recruitment opportunities for the school itself

We help you grow reputation through community investment and impact

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Our associates utilise the best technology to deliver success

By utilising technology in the appropriate ways, our clients deliver on their community investment strategy. We have a variety of solutions that are tailored to the needs of your organisation. ​

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“I am always struck by how keen businesses and charities are to work with schools, but often they do not know how to do so in an efficient way. Richard’s skills and experience based on the cross-sector BECSLink Philosophy and Model help to make that happen.”

Lord Nash