Strategic Community Investment Consultancy 

Connecting Community Investors with Education​

RMG Associates specialises in delivering community investment strategy to support local communities and young people confronting adversity.

We create and manage the opportunity for community investment clients to directly engage with the  education sector, changing the lives of students, teachers, and parents, who confront challenging circumstances.


RMG Associates

  • invest in disadvantaged communities so our projects have the greatest possible social impact.
  • grow community education hubs and raise aspirations
  • engage with clients from Business, Education, Charity, and Sports and Arts Organisations that share our vision
  • develop the skills of our clients to enable them to build sustainable cross sector relationships and programmes of their own 
  • ensure positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our unique cross-sector model of community investment improves The 4 Rs





of all participating organisations, from the
Business, Education, Charity and Sports and Arts worlds

Our Associates utilise the most appropriate technology to improve The 4 Rs

Through our association RMG Associates, EO Consulting and Basker Roberts can  help you utilise technology within your organisation to improve your 4 Rs.   By utilising technology in the appropriate ways, our clients deliver on their community investment strategy. We have a variety of solutions that are tailored to the needs of your organisation. 

Top Tips

Visit our Dynamic Revenue, Resource and Reputation Top Tips. Filter and research the data to meet your organisations needs AND:

1. Achieve your Fundraising Revenue Targets

2. Broaden your Curriculum Resource

3. Consolidate your Reputation

Our delivery through Programmes, People Awards and Projects:
The 3 Ps

Our 3 Ps delivery framework is easy for our clients to adopt 

and incentivises long-term engagement by both beneficiaries and investors.


Engaging employees, students, teachers and parents

encoraging innovation by bringing outstanding resources and unique experiences into the school environment


Supporting and rewarding the most deserving students and teachers

helping individuals maximise their potential + connect classroom learning with personal development and career opportunities


Building partnerships to embed knowledge & skills

enabling communities to scale their impact sustainably

Richard Garrett leads RMG Associates. Richard founded this model and philosophy of cross sector working with Business, Education, Charity, Sports and Arts organisations when he established BECSLink.  With The Tim Henman Foundation as a client and ultimately as CEO of Tim’s Foundation considerable impact was achieved. 

“I am so delighted that over the last three years our Programmes, People Awards and Projects have had a lasting impact on over one hundred schools and teachers and thousands of students.”

Richard Garrett – Principal Consultant RMG Associates 

"I am always struck by how keen businesses and charities are to work with schools, but often they do not know how to do so in an efficient way. Richard’s skills and experience based on the cross-sector BECSLink Philosophy and Model help to make that happen."

Lord Nash

Former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System