Valuable Time Spent @cordwalles @GLFSchools by @rmgassociates

Delighted to spend time with Jak Martin (Foundation Lead) and Lucy Egan ( Assistant Headteacher) What a wonderful learning environment I had the privilege of witnessing. All the teaching staff were highly motivated and enthusiastic and the students so keen to understand in the Mathematics session the implications of a number being squared. The experience for me was also totally enriching ;


1.Even though over 40 % of the students are on Pupil Premium they were hungry to learn

2.External partnerships with private schools had created real opportunities for students but sadly still some barriers existed

3. There is a digital divide

4. Great facilities like the STEM Room above exist but more resource is needed to make this space and other spaces around the school as rewarding as they could be for the students and teachers

5. @Cordwalles, like many state school, needs external support and partnerships – support from a local minibus and coach company would bring enormous dividends in the form of additional enrichment activities, like swimming

I was so impressed by the student teachers and leaders – thank you all for a great welcome

@GLFSchools plan to establish a Charitable Foundation is truly visionary. @GLFSchool’s approach to external partnerships reflects a will to establish charitable funding streams with real impact helping the most deserving students have additional opportunities

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