Reflecting on Private Schools not being seen as charities

As a reflection on my own post concerning private schools not being seen as charities I think three things 

1 ) private schools as charities should develop an element of strategy based solely on their charitable status and deliver charitable activity partly based upon their voluntary income. This will focus their minds in the same way that all charities have to. I give because of my confidence in the social impact resultant from my gift.

2) Governments should agree the % of the income generated by private schools set as a minimum Corporate and Social Responsibility contribution to their charitable activities 

3) private schools should have a transparently organised working group of nominated executive leaders who manage charity strategy and the optics of this element of our education sector. They must ensure all private school charitable activity is benchmarked against pupil premium and free school meals data

We need to correct, not disrupt, our very strained education sector. My experience is that schools across the sector like working together for good. As a result benefits are accrued across a diverse and inclusive sector. This is as the sector should be for the sake of freedom of choice.