“Four days - that’s how long it took to change my attitudes towards self-reflection and personal development, as well as my views on what to be a leader really means.”​​
Student Scholar - Year 10
“I loved this. Any opportunity to get this in the classroom and do what I loved at their age and seeing their enthusiasm is fabulous.”
Primary School Teacher
“In schools at the moment there is a big push in English & Maths and this does have the effect of knocking other subjects out of the curriculum. It is a struggle to get everything in and make sure we are getting that broader balanced curriculum and if we don’t achieve that, we do notice children not taking up these subjects that could lead them to becoming engineers.”​
Primary School Teacher
“The day has been amazing. To see the children inspired, not just by sport and tennis, but also from science, singing and opera - it’s been a real eye-opener for me.”
Sandra Nardi | Lady Wimbledon
"What RPHS & RMG Associates are doing is not only providing the stuff that happens in the school but now providing the opportunity for people to do things outside school hours as well. It’s really great that BECSLink and THF have worked together to support those activities."
Stephen Hammond | MP for Wimbledon
“I started my Foundation because I wanted to help children with cancer as I thought they were the most vulnerable. Whilst this remains pivotal to the work of THF I have realised how fortunate I was to receive the educational opportunity I did. I am aware how many vulnerable children can have their lives transformed though education.

THF, in association with BECSLink, is delighted to launch the first ACE Centre here at Reed’s School – a place that created my one life, one opportunity. THF’s aim is to offer vulnerable young people a lifeline to avoid their exclusion from society.”​
Tim Henman

Case Studies