Through our association with RMG Associates, EO Consulting and Basker Roberts can help you utilise technology within your organisation to improve your 4 Rs.  

By utilising technology in the appropriate ways, our clients deliver on their community investment strategy to enhance an organisation’s:





We have a variety of solutions that are tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Our systems will help deliver, manage and set targets for your community investment strategy associated with:

  • where there is the greatest need in your communities 
  • where support from your organisation will have the greatest impact building your organisation’s reputation.
  • where the best recruitment opportunities are for funded and fee-paying students

As a result you will build:

  • a relevant community invesment programme
  • a valuable database, at low cost, for a complex set of relationships and partnerships. Keeping in contact with everyone, building relationships and raising revenue becomes sustainable
  • by keeping in contact your community investment “story” will enable you to develop resource and revenue for your community

Examples of how we can help:

An operational efficiency benchmarking service for schools. It takes open source and school specific data – whether financial, performance, staff or asset and estate – and benchmarks how efficiently your school is being managed and presents results via a user friendly and interactive dashboard that challenges more effective resource allocation.

Your data can either be presented through our standard templates that we have created or templates created specifically for your requirements. With the appropriate skills all data can be self analysed though business intelligence packages and we are happy to work with clients on such knowledge transfer.

Examples of how we can help:

Digital development agency Basker Roberts can setup, build or connect your organisation to the digital tools you will need to implement strategies that RMG Associates can provide.  A few areas of how we can help:

  • Setup your organisation to use CRM systems such as HubSpot, helping contact management and improve marketing
  • Integrate CRM systems with your fundraising platform, such as Enthuse 
  • Add a custom events portal to your website to help your organisation run events with partners (portal exclusively developed for RMG Associates)
  • Build a modern, integrated website for your organisation
  • Help your organisation with digital marketing

Examples of how we can help:

Enthuse is a fundraising, donations and events registration technology provider that has helped thousands of charities raise millions. Enthuse’s solutions are customised under a cause’s own brand and put the organisation in control of their data. This allows charities to gain financial predictability, to build and nurture a loyal supporter base, raise more and ultimately have more impact. Enthuse was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in London, with offices in Scotland and Northern Ireland. As of 2022, Enthuse is also the official online fundraising partner for London Marathon Events and Great Run.


Enthuse has provided branded donations and fundraising solutions to The Tim Henman Foundation and GLF Schools, allowing them to process online donations and build strong long-term relationships with their supporters.