Leadership Into action

Individual Award | Kinetic Youth Leadership Course

4 fully-funded students from disadvantaged backgrounds joined 11 independently funded participants

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Kinetic is a Strategic Consulting Group that partners with ambitious companies and leading organisations.

The Kinetic Youth leadership Course distilled the firm’s rigorous approach to leadership training for the most deserving in society as a means for Kinetic and its employees to leave a positive footprint on the world.

“I learned more about life than I had done in years, made unbelievable bonds with people I would not have met and encountered a challenge that was exciting and thrilling.”

— Female student scholar | Year 10

“Overall it was a unique experience were I learned about leadership skills and myself, I look forward to possibly come back next year as a mentor.”

— Female student scholar | Year 10

“Four days - that’s how long it took to change my attitudes towards self-reflection and personal development, as well as my views on what to be a leader really means.”

— Female student scholar | Year 10

“The fun I had and people I met will always stay in my memory, especially the last night when we all stayed up late and talked lots of things, such as: politics, crime in London and racial discrimination.”

— Male student scholar | Year 10